Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a cute anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and loosely based on a novel by Eiko Kadono. Though released by Disney and seemingly aimed more towards children, this magic-filled coming-of-age tale can be enjoyed by all ages and even the whole family… including Grandma and grandpa. ^.^

Kiki’s Delivery Service – the characters:

  • Kiki – a 13-year-old witch-in-training who sets out into the world to spend a year alone, as per her village’s tradition. She settles into the seaside town of Koriko with her cat, Jiji, where she sets up a delivery service.
  • Jiji – a black cat that joins Kiki on her journey offering her sage advice throughout the film. He’s voiced in the English dub by the late Phil Hartman.
  • Tombo – a young boy who develops a crush on Kiki. He has an interest in aviation, and as such is fascinated by Kiki and her ability to fly.
  • Osono – an elderly baker who allows Kiki to stay with her. She gives Kiki the idea to start a delivery service.
  • Ursula – a young artist the same age as Kiki. Kiki offers to model for her.

Kiki’s Delivery Service – the storyline:

KikisDelSerAs part of her village’s tradition, witch-in-training Kiki sets out into the world to spend one year away when she turns thirteen. After flying through a storm, she lands in the seaside town of Koriko, which doesn’t have its own witch. Despite a bad reception upon her arrival and the advice of her cat, Jiji, to find a friendlier town, Kiki decides to stay when she makes friends with Tombo and Osono. On Osono’s advice, Kiki sets up a delivery service using her ability to fly… her only real talent.

Soon, however, setbacks and Tombo’s pursuit of her, cause Kiki to experience some self-doubt, causing her to start losing her powers. Can the advice of Osono and Ursula, Kiki’s artist friend, help her regain her self-confidence, and with it, her magic?

If you enjoy the Harry Potter series, you’ll enjoy this cute and touching story. It’s an early work from Miyazaki, the director of Spirited Away, so that’s pretty much another  Digging Anime guarantee you’ll enjoy Kiki’s Delivery Service.